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Cad2Excel: From AutoCad to Excel

Cad2Excel extracts geometry information and attributes from the drawing database
of AutoCAD and display it in an excel sheet. The information can be filtered by layer
and entity type. Depending on the entity type, the number of attributes to extract will
change (for example for a POINT the attributes could be x, y, z, color, size, layer; on
the other hand for a CIRCLE the attributes could be xc, yc, radius, area,
circumference, color, and layer).

The most common utilization of this tool is to extract coordinates (x,y) or (x,y,z) from
AutoCAD to be used into another application. To perform this operation AutoCAD
should contain the coordinates as a drawing object. The basic entity is the POINT
however a polyline could also be used. Cad2Excel allows two ways of extracting
information from polyline objects. The first option is to treat the polyline as a single
object; it means you can extract Length, color, width, and layer. The second option is
to extract each vertex of the polyline, to recognize when a polyline ends an empty
line is inserted.

Each of the attributes will be contained in a different column and every entity will be
represented as a row in the excel sheet. Once the information is in Excel the user
can perform erase or reformat columns, make calculations, filtering or export the
information to the final format.

Cad2Excel tool is contained in the Cad2Excel.xls file. It is a VBA subroutine that runs
on Microsoft Excel, it connects the AutoCAD application and extracts the information
using COM communications.
shp2epa is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn't need to be
installed, just run it. contains the executable file (shp2epa.exe).
The steps to use it are very simple; if you have any problem just send me
an e-mail.

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

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